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    ·OPP IOT has designed Enhanced UHF RFID tags for drug tracing[2017-9-26]
    ·Long Range RFID UHF Anti Metal Tags OPP3613 application in asset tracking and goods shelf manag[2017-9-25]
    ·UHF metal tags application in cars parking[2017-9-24]
    ·Seven Benefits of RFID UHF Tags[2017-9-23]
    ·Advantages of UHF RFID Tags[2017-9-22]
    ·OPP IOT unveiled a long range passive RFID tag for industrial asset tracking applications[2017-9-20]
    ·Put OPP IOT UHF tag into 250 degree ,after 4 hours, the chip is still on![2017-9-19]
    ·Data Collection with Smart Tags[2017-9-18]
    ·UHF Long Range RFID Tag OPP9020 for Industrial Applications[2017-9-16]
    ·How to Choose a right UHF tag for industrial applications?[2017-9-14]
    ·Industrial RFID tags Influence on RFID Identification and Tracking Management from OPP IOT[2017-9-13]
    ·OPPD16 usage on the mine[2017-9-11]
    ·What is OPPD5 UHF tags?[2017-9-6]
    ·OPPD6 UHF metal Tags[2017-9-5]
    ·What is UHF On-Metal Tag?[2017-9-4]
    ·OPP5010 Ultra Thin UHF PCB Tags[2017-8-30]
    ·What UHF tag read range do you need?[2017-8-29]
    ·OPP IOT UHF Tags application in real world[2017-8-28]
    ·Series Atom - MINI PCB tag from OPPIOT[2017-8-25]
    ·Why OPP5213 PCB Tags have long reading distance[2017-8-23]
    ·Atom Series UHF Tag for Use on Metal and on Other Difficult Surfaces[2017-8-22]
    ·UHF tag Applications Near Metallic Objects[2017-8-19]
    ·How to choose an UHF RFID tag?[2017-8-18]
    ·What is On Metal RFID Tags?[2017-8-16]
    ·OPP1004 FR4 On metal RFID Tags[2017-8-15]
    ·The Six Applications of UHF Metal Tags[2017-8-12]
    ·UHF PCB Tags Used on Gym Equipment[2017-8-10]
    ·Passive atom series UHF metal Tags[2017-8-9]
    ·OPP9020 860-960MHz mount-on-metal RFID tag[2017-8-8]
    ·OPP IOT Technologies-your counselor in UHF projects![2017-8-7]
    ·OPP IOT On-metal tags with FR4 Material[2017-8-2]
    ·UHF tags application in healthcare[2017-8-1]
    ·UHF metal tags apply on Air condition[2017-7-31]
    ·Does Atom Series UHF tags work in the presence of metal and water?[2017-7-27]
    ·UHF RFID tags will change the way we count Cow[2017-7-26]
    ·UHF Asset Tracking for Metal Tools[2017-7-25]
    ·RFID tags application in vehicle management.[2017-7-22]
    ·OPP IOT launches a new UHF tags for vehicle management applications[2017-7-21]
    ·Common Ultra high frequency chips offered by OPP IOT[2017-7-19]

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    OPPIOT is a high-new technical enterprise dedicated into RFID industry development. We keeps developing and innovating in RFID field, especially the remarkable achievement- UHF special tags.
    OPPIOT concentrate on the design, develop,manufacture of the UHF special tags...[more]

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