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RFID asset tracking management

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asset tracking tags
Use asset tracking tags is able to achieve  "asset life cycle management" and "asset automatic management",radio frequency automatic identification and GSM communication network wireless remote transmission functions, to achieve the full life cycle of assets (addition, allocation, idle, scrap, maintenance, etc. ) Process intelligent dynamic real-time tracking, centralized monitoring and management, and the entire management process does not require any manual intervention. It provides accurate reference data for enterprise investment decision-making and rational asset allocation, effectively increases the marginal benefit of investment and increases the utilization rate of assets, and reduces unnecessary equipment investment and idle waste.

Rfid location tracking enables the "simultaneous management of people, place, time and things" in asset management: The system organically embeds the daily asset management work in the asset management system, and realizes the tasks, locations, objects, time, etc. involved in the daily operation process of assets Information is recorded, and the SMS reminder function is introduced. The system realizes effective supervision of daily work, reduces the pressure of daily asset management, saves the cost of investing a lot of manpower and material resources for asset inventory and unnecessary allocation every year, and avoids The loss of assets caused by factors has improved the efficiency of enterprise management.

The successful application of RFID technology in the field of asset management will promote the large-scale application and development of RFID technology in other fields, thereby improving The social influence of the company.The implementation and application of the system completely eliminated the workload and error rate of manual recording and information transmission, achieved the expected application effect within a certain range, and was also unanimously affirmed by communication equipment maintenance personnel.

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