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OPP IOT launch the first generation RFID tag- MINI UHF tag

2017-6-29 View:

samll size rfid tags

OPP IOT launch the first generation of RFID tag - MINI UHF tag, which is a mature product complied to protocol EPC c1g2 and ISO18000-6C.Current size is D10mm and D16mm, thickness 3MM.The smaller size, better performance but lower cost makes our ATOM series outstanding in the RFID market.

We use Alien Higgs 3 for small size rfid tag series, Higgs 3 chip with EPC is 96bits,it could be extended to 496bits,TID 64 bits. The performance of our small size rfid tag is very excellent, reading distance for D10 is 1.5m by integrated reader; for D16, it would be up to 2.6m.

Main applications for samll size rfid tag: Tool tracking, IT asset management, Facility management, work in progress, logistics management etc. Additionally, it is workable for high temperature(150 degree centigrade) environment.

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