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How does RFID technology manage power enterprise assets?

2022-1-10 View:

asset tracking RFID tags
For a long period, the electric power grid enterprise management way of fixed assets are mostly based on paper file system to record and track management, even though with barcode technology, due to the barcode labels are easy pollution, with short read range and low efficiency of inventory, it’s unable to enhance the level of fixed assets management and bring a great impact to enterprise in the process of operation.

By integrating RFID technology into power asset management, the whole life cycle management of assets from purchase to scrapping and liquidation can be realized.  In addition, by combining RFID readers and RFID tags which are made from RFID tracking chip to make batch inventory of enterprise assets can achieve intelligent and digital control of fixed assets.

Using RFID technology to manage assets requires:
1.RFID tags. (Choosing on-metal RFID tags or or common RFID tracking stickers based on the asset environment)
2.RFID identification equipment, RFID printing equipment
3.Fixed assets management software system

Through the application of asset tracking RFID tags and RFID system, power enterprises can effectively improve the level of asset management, reduce the input of human and material resources into complex asset work, achieve better asset allocation, and improve operation efficiency.

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