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High Temp and Chemical resistant RFID Smart tag Devil 3001

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When RFID Tag comes to the industrial usage, there are a lot of cases that the hash environment have high temperature up to 200 degrees or even higher, as well meantime there are acid and alkali, or other chemical factors. In this case, you will need the RFID Smart tag to be high temperature as well as chemical resistant. Such cases often happen like car production flow, automotive manufacturing. OPPIOT'S Devil3001 is proven their survivability in such application. 

Our RFID Smart tags Devil 3001 can be Withstand extreme temperature up to 300°C, and withstand 260°C for long time, and also anti acid and alkali,can be used in harsh environment, strong acid and alkali. The read range on metal surfaces can be up to 6 meters. 

OPPIOT's proven testing like below:
A.Withstand 300° for 100 hours continuously without damage. 
B.Withstand 280° for 1000 hours continuously without damage. 
C.Withstand 260° for 2000 hours continuously without damage. 
D.Withstand -20° for 8 hours then 260° for 16 hours per day, 80 days continuously without damage. 
E.Withstand from 150° to -40°, 7.5 cycles per day, 80 days continuously with total 600 cycles without damage. 
F.Withstand 260° for 100 hours continuously then soaking in 2 meters depth water for 48 hours, without seepage or damage. 

For industrial systems using RFID technology, there are a lot extreme temperature rfid tags solutions. You can consult OPPIOT's sales team if there is any project that we can help. Don't hesitate to let me know freely in time.  You can contact Annie from below information:
skype: oprfidtechnology
Whatsapp: +8613860912299

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