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RFID tags improve warehouse inventory management

2022-2-21 View:

long range rfid tag
With RFID portals located at doors, people can eliminate the guesswork during the process of loading/unloading products while simultaneously scanning them in and out of inventory. An RFID solution of fixed readers and passive tags lets you instantly verify the product and quantity as it passes through a checkpoint.
More importantly, RFID software can remind people freely if the items scanned in don’t match the shipment you were supposed to receive. During the outbound process, RFID station can be used to catch potential shipping errors and improve your facility’s fulfillment accuracy.
Implementing RFID for inbound and outbound verification is a sure-fire way to catch costly errors and disruptions that can come from not delivering or receiving the right items. The instant visibility of essential data and eliminating possible errors result .
OPP069 long reading range RFID tags can working freely in this warehouse project ,since its reading range and competitive price,so people accept this tags easily ,so now the tags OPP069 is star product in our company OPPIOT technologies .
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