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UHF RFID Solutions

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The application of UHF RFID tags are quite broad. With UHF RFID Solutions,
multiple tags can be read at one time, from long distance, at fast speed and high reliability, and harsh environments resistant. UHF RFID technologies are good for asset management, on-line production management, supply chain management, warehousing、retail、vehicle management and more.

In terms of vehicle management, through the windshield labels installed on vehicles and fixed antennas on the ETC lanes of toll stations, vehicles passing through road and bridge toll stations can pay road and bridge tolls without stopping.

In terms of warehouse management, data collection is automatically carried out such as goods arrival inspection, warehousing, allocation, warehouse shifting, inventory counting, etc., to ensure the speed and accuracy of data input in each step of warehouse management.

In terms of clothing management, by sewing button-shaped PPS RFID electronic tags, the tags can be reused, making the laundry management of furs more transparent and improving work efficiency.

In short, UHF RFID Solutions can carry out effective and timely management for vehicles, warehouses, clothing, logistics, and etc..

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