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RFID in Warehouse Management

2022-2-25 View:

UHF RFID reader
RFID in Warehouse Management provides a new warehouse management method for enterprises.

In the storage stage, RFID fixed readers are placed at the door of a warehouse, and antennas can be installed up and down, left and right, so as not to miss reading. After receiving the receipt, put the product into the warehouse according to certain rules, when the RFID tag enters the door of the warehouse, the RFID tag is activated, and the data is compared with the order to check whether the quantity and model of the goods are correct. The most advantage of RFID in warehouse management is remote non-contact identification, which can be read in batches accurately and efficiently.

When outbound goods are sorted and processed according to the pick-up plan. If a large number of goods come out of the warehouse, the goods are pushed into the warehouse door in batches, and a fixed reader installed at the door reads the RFID tags, and collects data and checks to ensure a match. For small items, RFID handheld readers can collect data, and the data is sent to the processing center, the database is updated, and the delivery ends.

According to the requirements, an inventory can be performed with an UHF RFID reader, and the information can be compared with the information in the database back-up. Thus warehouse management is very fast, and the efficiency and accuracy are improved. 

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