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Durable RFID Tag Heavy120 for industrial environment

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With the development of the technology of computer and network. Automated management has become a necessity of modern enterprise management.Wireless managment system by using barcode and RFID technology for identifying and tracking inventory. And RFID asset tracking system uses electromagnetic fields to transmit data from RFID Tag to a reader . 
Durable rfid tag
OPP IOT developed special industrial durable rfid tag heavy120, which can withstand high temperature and acid & alkali simultaneousl,our Heavy120 durable rfid tag can used under relatively harsh environments without negative effects on the reading performance,and the tags are  highly reliable, durable, and efficient enough to resist water ,which can used inside and open-air. And also can be used on metal or other surfaces for traceability applications in an industrial environment. Heavy120 tags are with good reading distance can reach 9.5meters on metal surface,the tags are with two side holes ,so the tags can be fixed with cable tie,which are very convenient. Besides, the tags have passed RoHS ,Reach,CE, and ATEX Certifications. At the same  time, we also can customize the tags according to customers request.  

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