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Long Range UHF Reader OPPD09 from OPP IOT

2022-1-14 View:

long range uhf reader
An UHF reader is known as radio frequency identification device, mainly composed of a transmitter and a receiver, as well as a control unit and an antenna. The long range UHF reader works in the UHF frequency band, and generally work in the 840-960 MHz frequency band. UHF systems transmit energy through electromagnetic fields, and wireless communicate with RFID electronic tags through antennas.

Usually, protocols of UHF RFID readers is EPCglobal C1 Gen 2 ISO 18000-6C, ISO18000-6B. Most of them may be combined with an HF module, with HF protocols as well. 

The long range UHF reader OPP801 can read tag identification codes and memory data far from 15 to 25 meters, and each second can read almost 700 UHF RFID tags.    
The high-speed, high-performance processing systems is developed to meet various demands of customers worldwide.

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