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    ·How the RFID Security Solutions bring the Efficiencies of Your Work?[2021-11-22]
    ·Rugged RFID Tags OPP510 from OPP IOT[2021-11-18]
    ·UHF RFID KEY FOB PCB4529 FROM OPP IOT[2021-11-17]
    ·Small Size and Big Energy-Devil4015 260°C High Temperature RFID Tag[2021-11-16]
    ·RFID ceramic tag for surgical instruments [2021-11-15]
    ·New UHF flexible tag OPP9018M for your industrial tracking applications[2021-11-12]
    ·Tracking Manhole Cover by OPP IOT RFID tag OPP5427[2021-11-11]
    ·Ceramic rfid tags CER0602[2021-11-10]
    ·Who are OPPIOT?[2021-11-9]
    ·RIFD Technology in Retail Management[2021-11-8]
    ·Aviation Maintenance Company Use RFID To Tracks Tools [2021-11-4]
    ·A perfect functional performance NFC tags which can working on various surface[2021-11-3]
    ·RFID tag in delivery line and production line[2021-11-2]
    ·Can Anti Metal Rfid tag Withstand High Temperatures and Pressures?[2021-10-30]
    ·RFID technology in daily life[2021-10-29]
    ·RFID technology in warehouse solution[2021-10-28]
    ·OPP IOT successfully participated the 16th IOTE Exhibition[2021-10-26]
    ·Dual frequency RFID industrial tags from OPPIOT[2021-10-25]
    ·How to select RFID tags for non-flat surfaces?[2021-10-23]
    ·How to Leverage RFID to Improve Automotive Production[2021-10-22]
    ·Share RFID applications in some common area[2021-10-21]
    ·RFID asset tracking tags Devil3000 application in automobile coating production line[2021-10-20]
    ·Application of RFID asset tracking tags in automobile welding production line[2021-10-19]
    ·Asset tracking tag in automatic spraying process[2021-10-18]
    ·Ceramic RFID Tag application in medical equipment tracking[2021-10-15]
    ·High temperature Rfid Tag in Vehicle Tracking[2021-10-14]
    ·Applying rfid metal tag in Automotive Industry Manufacturing[2021-10-12]
    ·RFID Metal Tag in Tool Tracking[2021-10-9]
    ·Medical disposal management[2021-10-7]
    ·Fire hydrant management[2021-10-3]
    ·Ceramic RFID Tag are usd for tracking metal tools[2021-7-19]
    ·UHF gen2 rfid tag[2021-7-16]
    ·RFID tags for tools[2021-7-15]
    ·Long Range RFID Tags from OPP IOT[2021-7-14]
    ·Flexible rfid tags from OPP IOT[2021-7-13]
    ·RFID smart warehouse management[2021-7-11]
    ·RFID Intelligent Warehouse Management [2021-7-9]
    ·RFID is a new type of information technology[2021-7-7]
    ·Smart Warehouses by Using UHF Tags[2021-7-5]

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    OPPIOT Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading trusted Industrial RFID tags manufacturer and supplier in China. Since our establishment in 2013, we have been endeavoring to provide best in class, cost effective and practical RFID solutions to a wide range of industries worldwide.
    We have our own production line for RFID tags with bringing in full set of advanced equipments for R&D

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