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RIFD Technology in Retail Management

2021-11-8 View:

The introduction of RIFD technology for daily necessities standardize the production and logistics processes. At packaging, RFID technology is used to carry out inspection of finished products, which strengthens inspection process and reduces over-packing, under-packing and wrong packing. In the logistics center, the product information can be quickly read through the channel machine, which improves the efficiency, prevents stringing codes and shortage of goods, and realizes 100% inspection. Before the goods are shipped out of the warehouse, they are verified by the RFID tablet to ensure the accuracy of delivery and greatly improve the delivery efficiency.

When goods arrive in a store, the store clerk can conveniently receive the goods through the RFID reader, realize goods’ inventory without opening the box, and realize real-time docking through the handheld APP to update data and receive information. After receiving the goods, product information is uploaded to the company server, and the store data is updated. According to the plan provided by the company, the inventory is carried out in a targeted manner, timely and accurate data are provided for the company to carry out related business. The application of RFID technology reduces the work intensity, improves work efficiency, and increases sales.

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