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RFID technology in warehouse solution

2021-10-28 View:
"RFID tag for warehouse management
The RFID for warehouse management performs intelligent and informatized management of enterprise logistics goods, and realizes the functions of automatically sending distribution demand information, real-time tracking of goods delivery, automatic recording of goods warehousing information, automatic system alarm, and real-time docking with WMS system.

Based on the RFID real-time data stream, MES can mine these large amounts of data, find out key data, conduct real-time and effective supervision of production progress and production process, find out production bottlenecks in real time, solve production problems, and deploy higher levels Quality control and various online measurements to improve product quality and enhance productivity

Performance characteristics:
1)Relying on the advantages of RFID asset tracking tags, the system has the ability to realize long-distance collection of goods information   
2)The system uses the technical advantages of RFID to collect real-time information in each operation link to ensure that the company can accurately and timely grasp the inventory status;
3)The system can realize the management of anti-crossing goods by collecting the data of the goods through the warehouse reader/writer; 
4)When the delivery exceeds the required time, the system automatically alarms to prevent the production line from stopping; 
5)The system software platform adopts an open platform architecture, which can be well connected with enterprise ERP, SAP, MESTMS and WMS systems. 

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