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A perfect functional performance NFC tags which can working on various surface

2021-11-3 View:

Are you looking for a perfect NFC tags which can working on metal and non metal surface in your automatic industry?

In the market ,there most NFC RFID product just can work on non metal only at normal temperature ,and also have NFC RFID tags which anti metal layer ,but just can working indoor only ,since the anti metal layer will be peel off if working outdoor .

OPPIOT technologies solved this problem successfully ,since they special designed the NFC  RFID tags PCB4921 .

The IP rate for PCB4921 is IP68 ,so it means that it can be waterproof out door ,and this tags did not design as normal artwork ,since we did not put the extra anti metal layer in the tags ,so the tags can not be peel off freely at the outdoor environment .

The storage temperature is from -40degree to 150 degree .so people can apply on high temperature freely ,and without make the tags in broken .

The chip is for ISO15693 Icode slix ,which have user memory in 1024bits,and the reading range is 8CM on metal surface .and 5CM on non metal surface .

Various install method in screw and also in backside adhesive .

Feeny Lai

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