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RFID asset tracking tags Devil3000 application in automobile coating production line

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RFID asset tracking tags
The automotive coating production line has many complicated processes, large model changes, and high production flexibility. The purpose of automotive coating is to make every car sold look more perfect for consumers. Therefore, each process link of the workshop production line must have a very high level of automation and quality monitoring system. Therefore, the use of RFID technology identification system of the production line automatic control system can collect all kinds of on-site data statistics, status monitoring, and quality inspection information in the production process in real time, and send it to the production control center in time.
In the automobile coating production line, the conveying equipment is a skid conveyor. Each skid carrying the car body is equipped with an RFID passive tag with a temperature of 240℃. In the entire production process, this tag runs with the workpiece, forming a data that moves with the car body, and becomes a "smart car body" that carries data with you. According to the different needs of production technology and management, on-site reading and writing stations can be set up at the entrance and exit of the paint shop, the branch of workpiece logistics, and the entrance of important technological processes (such as painting room, drying room, storage area, etc.). Each on-site reading and writing station can complete the writing of skid, body information, and spray color and frequency, and send the information to the control center at the same time.
RFID technology combined with fiber optic Ethernet and field bus can form a complex automatic control system, realize the flexible production of automobile coating production line, improve the automation level of automobile body production and the flexibility of adapting to different types of production, so that the system is very reliable Performance and fault tolerance.
Application of RFID in automobile assembly production line

As the final link in the production of a complete automobile, the assembly shop involves numerous parts and processes, and plays an important role in ensuring the quality of the automobile and the production schedule. Any interruption of the assembly process means a delay in the operation. On the final assembly line, especially on the assembly line that adopts the JIT (Just In Time) production method, raw materials and parts must be delivered to the workstation on time, and the inventory and material supply must also match the vehicle assembly schedule. 

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