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RFID tag in delivery line and production line

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RFID equipment tracking tag

1) RFID tag application in Delivery/distribution line

In the distribution line, the use of RFID asset tracking tags can greatly accelerate the speed of distribution and improve the efficiency and accuracy of the picking and distribution process, and can reduce labor and reduce distribution costs. If all commodities arriving at the central distribution center are affixed with RFID asset tracking tags, when entering the central distribution center, the pallet passes through a reader to read the contents of the tags on all the boxes on the pallet. The system checks this information with the shipping record to detect possible errors, and then updates the RFID tag to the latest product storage location and status. This ensures precise inventory control, and even knows exactly how many containers are currently in transit, the origin and destination of the transshipment, and the expected arrival time.

2) RFID tag application in Production link
The application of RFID equipment tracking in the manufacturing process can complete the operation of automated production lines, realize the identification and tracking of raw materials, parts, semi-finished products and finished products on the entire production line, reduce manual identification costs and error rates, and improve efficiency and benefits. Especially on an assembly line that uses JIT (Just-in-Time) production methods, raw materials and parts must be delivered to the workstation on time. After adopting RFID technology, it is possible to quickly and accurately find out the raw materials and parts required by the workstation from a wide range of inventory by identifying electronic tags. RFID location tracking can also help managers send out replenishment information in a timely manner according to the production schedule, achieve a balanced and stable production line, and also strengthen quality control and tracking.

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