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How to Leverage RFID to Improve Automotive Production

2021-10-22 View:

As enterprises pay more attention to intelligent manufacturing, more and more enterprises begin to implement intelligent manufacturing production line. The automotive industry is leading in the field of intelligent manufacturing compared with other industries. The automotive industry is mostly pull production, with the popularization of intelligent manufacturing in automotive factories, more and more auto parts enterprises begin to implement intelligent manufacturing production lines.  
RFID plays a very important role in the fields of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. RFID products have been widely and deeply used in various links of automotive manufacturing such as research and development, die-casting, painting, assembly and sales etc. 

As a leading industrial RFID tag manufactuerer in China, OPPIOT has developed series of heat resistant rfid tags to solve the problems for customers. The brand new tag Devil 3001 can withstand continuous exposure to high temperature up to 300℃ and strong chemical simultaneously. Sized in 41*29mm, it delivers a remarkable read distance 650cm when mounted on metal by fixed reader and 350cm by handheld reader. 

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If you have high requirements for RFID solutions or want to know more about using RFID tag in car to improve automotive production, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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