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passive UHF read-only EM4123 ICs

2018-5-3 View:

EM4123 chip is used in passive UHF read-only transponder applications. It is powered up by an RF beam transmitted by the reader, which is received and rectified to generate a supply voltage for the chip. A pre-programmed code is transmitted to the reader by varying the amount of energy that is reflected back to the reader. It implements a robust and fast anti-collision protocol.

The EM4123 is frequency independent and can be used for RF coupled applications where reading ranges in excess of 10 m and reading rates of 120 tags per second at 256 kbit/s can be attained. The circuit is backscattering data using load modulation. Therefore the reader should be able to detect ASK and PSK modulated carrier.

EM4123 ICs Benefits:
* Anti-collision suited for fast moving objects
* Very low current consumption, long range solution
* Easy to use, only pure CW RFID reader needed (No dense reader mode issue)
* Protocol and coding backward compatible with EM4122 and EM4222
* Low cost solutions

EM4123 ICs Solutions:
The chip is ideal for applications where long range, high-speed item identification is required:
* Supply chain management
* Tracking and tracing
* Access control
* Asset control
* Licensing
* Auto-tolling
* Animal tagging
* Sports event timing

EM4123 ICs Feature:
* Factory programmed 64 bit ID number
* High data rate: Up to 256 kbit/s
* Frequency independent: Typically used at 869 MHz, 902 - 960 MHz (versions 001 to 099)
* On-chip oscillator
* On-chip rectifier
* Low voltage operation - down to 1.0 V at ambient temperature
* Tag Talk Only protocol (TTO)
* Low power consumption

* -40° to +85° C operating temperature

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