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Who offer the best RFID tags for metal objects?

2018-8-30 View:

OPP IOT describe a rfid tags for metal objects – OPP9020, This mount on metal tags are suitable for attaching to metal surface and working normally. Antenna is specially designed. This kind of FR4 anti-metal UHF tag attached to the surface of a metal object can still achieve the performance of ordinary RFID tags on the surface of objects such as wood objects and cartons.

The ultra-high frequency on metal tag can encapsulate different UHF chips (Alien Higgs-3) and different UHF antennas, thus having different reading and writing distance and characteristics. Compared with HF rfid tag, OPP9020 has the characteristics of long distance reading(up to 10.8m), strong conflict prevention ability and fast identify speed. It is also durable and can be used in harsh environments(operation Temperature -40°C to +100°C). Can be widely applied to logistics management, product tracking, product security, warehousing management, production control, vehicle management, etc. For example: dangerous goods - cylinder management; power industry - inspection management.

rfid tags for metal objects

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