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How to Choose a right UHF tag for industrial applications?

2018-2-10 View:

industrial UHF tag
Choose a UHF tag for industrial applications is not a simple thing : technology, price, performance, resistance (temperature, dust, etc.), compatibility with the object to follow, are different parameters to consider.and How to choose the right RFID UHF tag for industrial applications?

First,you need to know what is UHF.
UHF (Ultra High Frequency) : frequency between 868 and 915 MHz. The maximum detection range of a tag corresponding to this frequency is about 3 to 10 meters. Characteristics associated with this frequency range are : lower prices than LF and HF tags for large volumes, adapted to applications requiring reading distance and a large volume of tags to be read very quickly and tags dedicated to constrained environments (metal, liquid, etc.).

Second, you need to know Below questions,
I.How far away the object should it be identified / examined : a few centimeters, several meters, tens of meters ?
II.Is my industrial plant subjected to EMC constraints ?
III.Is the object to follow metallic ?
IV.The object to follow contains liquid ?
V.Should we quickly identify a large number of objects ?

Third,you need know some elements are listed below:
I.Harsh environment (explosive atmosphere)
II.Size of the tag : more a tag is small with a high search performance (distance of reading of 1 meter with portable player), more its price will tend to be slightly higher than the others. This statement can be observed especially for small ceramic tags compatible with the metal that require special design.
III.Volume : As any consumable, the price of a passive RFID tag reduces a lot with the volume of the planned purchase. The first significant levels observed are achieved for several thousand of units.
IV.Application : If the seeked application is very special indeed almost unique and requires a particular design or packaging, the price tag can really increase. Take the example of a tag requiring resistance to high temperatures ranges, chemical attack, etc.
V.Memory : If the tag must store information whith a volume greater than the standard memory of 512 bits, it is necessary to appeal high memory tags (2 Kbits to 64 Kbits). We can observe a noticeably higher price than conventional tags but also performance reduced especially the write distance (count 40% of the reading distance).

There are many suppliers of UHF RFID tags on the market, offering specialized lines in specific sectors and applications : logistics, retail, harsh environments, aeronautic, etc. The choice of UHF RFID tags is overabundant and can sometimes be complex when it comes to differentiate them at the technical level / cost or in real performance test on the field.

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