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Fire hydrant management

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At present, the management of fire hydrant equipment is still mainly based on manual inspection and manual recording. The inspection records are archived in paper form, which can easily cause incomplete data records and cause safety hazards. Adopt advanced Internet of Things identification technology RFID, bind RFID electronic tag asset tracking tags identity information to fire hydrant equipment facilities, strengthen the supervision of inspection process, and improve the management level of fire-fighting equipment. RFID technology/equipment tracking tags makes the management of fire equipment more efficient and simple.
Fire hydrant management tag
1.Improve the timeliness and accuracy of system ERP data:
2.Real-time monitoring of controlled assets:
3.Manage the life cycle of materials and track the use status of equipment.
4.Automatically collect data to improve work efficiency:
5.Automatic data collection in the process of entering and leaving the warehouse, improving the efficiency of the operation.
6.Provide basis for decision analysis:The data can be analyzed online or generate reports for leaders to make decisions and analyze.

RFID radio frequency identification/rfid for warehouse management is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which automatically recognizes the target object and obtains relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work does not require manual intervention and can work in various harsh environments. UHF RFID technology rfid tags for tools has the characteristics of rapid identification of multiple tags, anti-pollution, durability, large data capacity, safety and diversity. These features make the management of fire hydrant equipment more efficient and simple.

The storage of traditional fire hydrant equipment and facilities requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and the work efficiency is relatively low. The application of RFID technology has greatly improved many problems. Before the equipment is put into storage, the corresponding RFID electronic tags rfid equipment tracking should be placed on the fire hydrant equipment according to the category, and the corresponding asset information should be bound in the background. After the passive RFID electronic tags are affixed to all fire-fighting equipment within the jurisdiction, the entry and exit of the warehouse can be intelligent, automated, and informatized.

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