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OPP IOT and Anti-metal tag

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Anti-metal tag is a special anti-magnetic absorbing material encapsulated electronic tags, from the technical solution to the electronic tag can not be attached to the metal surface to use the problem. Waterproof products, high temperature, anti-collision, can be used outdoors.

Attaching the anti-metal electronic tag to the metal provides good reading performance even further than reading in air. Using a special circuit design, this type of electronic tag can effectively prevent the metal from interfering with the radio frequency signal. The outstanding performance of the real anti-metal electronic tag is that the reading distance on the metal is longer than that on the metal, which is The overall design of the excellent results.
The current market ceramic anti-metal labels, due to fragile, high cost defects, did not get the favor of consumers. OPP IOT abandoned the ceramic materials, using PCB materials, redesigned antenna, developed a cheap, high quality real anti-metal labels.

1.High temperature test: 260 ℃ high temperature, place for 30 minutes.
2.Waterproof: soaked in water for 15 days.
. . . . . .
After a high temperature, waterproof and a series of tests. Designed to fully meet the market demand of PCB ultra-high frequency anti-metal labels, is now developing the European standard and the American standard two frequency bands, each of 23 standard sizes. The size of the size type is divided into Atomic, Dolphin and Everest. Atomic size range of 5mm-18mm, dolphin-type size 20-40mm, Everest-type size in 50mm above. The formation of these dimensions, according to the most common size of the existing market. Of course, relying on a strong technical reserve, OPP IOT is ability to design project-specific dimensions for each project.

OPPD 5  Diameter 5 mm       IC type:Alien Higgs-3  read range 100cm
OPP1808  18*8mm*T2.0mm   IC type:Alien Higgs-3  read range 145cm
OPPD 20   Diameter 20mm    IC type:Alien Higgs-3   read range 320cm
OPP4010  40*10mm*T2.0mm  IC type:Alien Higgs-3  read range 450cm
OPP5010  50*10mm*T1.0mm  IC type:Alien Higgs-3  read range 280cm

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