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RFID Tool tracking widely used in Aircraft repair tool management

2021-3-25 View:

There are many varieties and high prices of aircraft repair tools and parts. The completion of asset tracking tags  has always been expected by airlines. RFID tags for toolsare installed on parts and tools, and RFID readers are installed the data is connected to the cloud in real time through a wireless method. The operator can request the tool box through the APP. After the repair work is completed, the returned tool can be checked on the APP to make sure Whether tags are put it back, all tools and toolboxes can be queried in the background management software to find the actual position, bring out people, and install tools.

RFID equipment tracking for tool management in the prison working place. As a special occasion, the prison working place must be strictly managed. The risky  tools must be strictly managed by asset tracking tags. Losing one will bring a very big security risk. This is the need to use RFID tags for tool. , Realize collection by person and by piece, real-time monitoring of the location and use,When encountering a risky situation, the system will automatically warn, play a role in risk prevention.

RFID for warehouse management is used in police station and  military . Military firearms and police anti-riot equipment require strict management.  RFID tags for tools can be turned into police equipment cabinets. Electronic tags are installed on guns and equipment to make  return real-time records, and upload real-time inventory, truly real-time data update.

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