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RFID tags for tool Management of railway

2021-3-29 View:

It is useful to use RFID tags for tool  Managementof railway, since there are various of railway line maintenance tools and scattered application occasions. It has always been a difficult point in asset tracking tags  management. After each tool is equipped with an RFID tag, it can be identified by an RFID UHF reader at the door of the warehouse. RFID tags for tools and authorization management can also be installed on construction vehicles with UHF readers to monitor the tools on the vehicles in real time, it can remind people to bring back the correspondent quantity that brought out if any of them are not in the vehicles,in this way to improve the safety of the maintain work.

Rfid equipment tracking can be aslo used in  High-speed rail manufacturing and other large-scale equipment production tool management. When high-speed rail, ships, and large equipment are produced, the production site is large and there are many types of tools. It involves the construction of various sections, which brings great difficulties to the management of tools. The use of RFID tags for tools with the smart tool cabinet, tool management becomes simple.With the development of software,it automatically record and keep accounts, avoiding the tool from missing  and saving the operator's tool management time.

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