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EM4124 - EPC and UHF ICs

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EM4124 is a certified EPCTM Class-1 Generation-2 (Gen2) IC and compliant with ISO/IEC 18000-6:2010 Type C. Each chip is manufactured with a 64-bit Unique Identifier to ensure full traceability.

The EM4124 has 176 bits of non-volatile memory (16 bit PC Word, 96 bit EPC Code, 32 bit Kill Password and 32 bit Access Password), enabling the support of ISO or EPC data structures.

EM4124 achieves a typical read sensitivity of -19 dBm at the chip level, which translates into a typical -21 dBm sensitivity at the tag level for a dipole-like antenna with 2 dBi gain (25us TARI, 250 kHz BLF).

EM4124 Solutions:
Supply chain management
Tracking and tracing
Container identification
Access control
Asset control

EM4124 Features:
ISO 18000-6C compliant
EPC Class-1 Gen-2 certified
96-bit EPC / UII encodings are supported
64-bit manufacturer-programmed & locked Unique Identifier (TID / UID)
-19 dBm (-21 dBm) typical IC (tag) read sensitivity
32-bit password-protected Kill command
32-bit password-protected Access command
Optional deactivate function to address privacy concerns for retail applications
Extended temperature range (–40°C to +85°C)

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