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em | aura-sense (EM4152)- EPC and UHF ICs

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em|aura-sense is a member of the latest generation family of EM Microelectronic RAIN RFIDTM devices. The chip combines capacitive sensing and RAIN RFID technology
used for long range application purposes.

Target applications and market segments include smart manufacturing and industry 4.0 applications, predictive maintenance, Internet of Things (IoT), industrial sensing, and
home automation.

The chip is compliant with ISO/IEC 18000-63 and EPCTM Gen2v2.

The em|aura-sense device allows to interface and capture sensing data with external sensor(s). Sensor commands are available to request sensing acquisition and store in the memory.

The capacitive sensor is external to the chip and can either be integrated in the inlay or as a separately mounted component, e.g. as an SMD component.
em|aura-sense offers a versatile non-volatile memory which is accessible via the RAIN RFID air interface and can be used for storing sensing information. Each IC is manufactured with a 96-bit unique Tag Identifier (TID) and delivered with a default 96-bit EPC encoded value that is a copy of the 96-bit TID.

EM4152 Features:
Advanced RAIN RFID technology
Sensing sensitivity: -18dBm with dipole antenna
Read sensitivity with sensing disabled: -19.5dBm with dipole antenna
Sensing and data storing: -15.5dBm with dipole antenna
Capacitance sensing effective range: 15pF
7-bit analog to digital conversion of inlay sensing capacitance
Sensitivity:160fF/LSB, noiseRMS: 250fF
Sensing at boot and reporting with standard commands
On demand sensing using Select or Write/BlockWrite command
User Memory up to 2kbit memory
Compatible with sensor + 1-step inlay manufacturing caps/resistive sensor
Minimum 10 years data retention
Extended temperature range: -40 to +85C

EM4152 Memory:
Configurable 2048-bit memory used for:
Up to 480-bit EPC/UII encodings
USER memory of 124X16bits

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