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Magical RFID tags OPP130 with long reading range 30 Meters

2019-1-7 View:

30m reading range rfid tag
OPP130 RFID tags with materail PC can use in environment -30°С to +80°С  ,IP rate in 68,this tags is our fashional product ,since the reading function is very long at 30 Meters ,there is no other product can exceed our reading .
Mounting Methods: Adhesive, Screw
Most people use our tags OPP130 in warehouse and logistic distribution management which in these area ,they need reading range in long and easy installing,  through RFID tags to establish traceability system in the production and processing and store supply chain. In logistics, the goods information is recorded on the tags of the pallet . In this way, the RFID system can clearly know the respective location, identity, storage history, destination, expiration date and other useful information of the containers on the pallet or even the individual goods. The RFID system provides detailed data for the actual goods in the supply chain and establishes a physical connection between the goods and their complete identity, giving users easy access to these completely reliable goods information. And through RFID efficient data collection, the warehousing logistics information can be feedback to production and processing in a timely.

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