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What is On Metal RFID Tags?

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On Metal RFID Tags are a group of RFID tags designed to work in a metal environment or applied to a metal surface. On Metal RFID Tags can be used to track many kinds of metal assets including plant & machinery,pipelines,IT & Telecom,pallets etc. They allow data to be written to and read from chips in environments that are unfavorable for radio communication. The design and technology of the compact RFID antennas are particularly insensitive to radio interference resulting from scattering and reflection effects produced by metallic objects. They can be fixed to the object permanently for continuous use. Multiple On Metal RFID Tags can be fixed by riveting,screwing or gluing as required for different applications.

All the On Metal RFID Tags designs we show resulted from a project we have completed before with our experience in RFID technology. Please consult to us for finding the right design to meet your requirements。

On Metal RFID Tags Applications:
Property Tracking
Warehouse management
Supply chain management
Industrial inventory management
Item Identification
Patrol System
Production management

If you are looking for a specific On Metal RFID Tags and you cannot locate it on our website, please contact us or phone to discuss your requirements.

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