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RFID Based Warehouse Management System

2021-3-2 View:

RFID Based Warehouse Management System currently is often seen, which provide high efficience for items tracking in the big warehouses. The complete system includes RFID software, RFID hardwares like RFID reader and RFID tags.

There are many advantages to use RFID technology for warehouse management.

1. Monitor stock in and out process

2. Save manual operation cost

3. Easy for item tracking

4. Build more convenient supply chain

5. Improve inventory management efficience

6.  Reduce the error of manual operation

In a big warehouse, there may be various items. Some are made of metal part, while others are not. So using what kind of RFID tags should be taken into consideration in the whole warehouse system. OPP IOT supply RFID tags both on metal and off metal surface with different size and reading range, can meet your requirements in size and reading distance. If working for metal surface, we suggest use our PCB and flexible RFID tags. If on off metal surface, normal adhesive RFID tags are suitable. More details, please visit our website.

Here we also want to introduce RFID tags for tools. Tool management is typically important for some special working place like Construction site and Machinery production. In those places, every tool is essential, any small part missing will cause serious consequence for the whole production process. At this time, using RFID technology to control and monitor the use of tools will help you. When some one needs a tool, he can scan the tag attached on the tool and save data in the computer. When he returns the tool, scan the tag again, then you can control who and when the people use this kind of tool to better monitor and manage the tools. 

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