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RFID Vehicle Identification System

2021-3-9 View:

Nowadays, as the requirement of the market, RFID has been accepted and applied by many industries and plays a more and more important role in the fields of Smart Manufacture and Industry 4.0 . RFID products have been widely and deeply used in various links of automobile, such as research and development, die-casting, painting, assembly, and sales, etc.

Today we will discuss about RFID Vehicle Identification System. We all know that normally vehicles are identified by automatic number plate, but there are still some unregistered vehicles or the vehicles that need long range identification can not be recognized. RFID tags for Vehicle Tracking is specially designed for this kind of situation.


RFID Vehicle Identification System 

There are some important elements that make a complete RFID Vehicle Identification System:

Vehicles, RFID tags, RFID reader and antenna, software etc. There are aslo some options to choose RFID tags. If RFID tags for cars, the adhesive windsheild tags will be a good choice. The tags will be attached inside windsheild, normally can be read with a distance of 5-10 meters. If RFID tags for trailers, due to its long body, long range RFID anti-metal tags like our OPP130 RFID tags will be better. The tags will be attched on the outer metal part of the traliers and scanned at a long distance like 20-30 meters. There should be a site for access control, and RFID reader connected with panel antenna.

Antenna can be monted on the road side, the installation height depens on Vehicless high.


There should be many preparation before using RFID Vehicle Identification System, such as what kind of software will need, where to set place for access control, what type of RFID tags, readers and antennas should use? How to locate the antenna to scan the tags? When everything is clear, the system is complete and can be put into use.

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