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UHF in various applications

2018-8-12 View:

RFID technology actively replaces bar-coding in warehouse logistic application.It would speed up the processes and prevent the cost arising from the fault caused on human factor.

UHF is the outstanding among RFID for the tacking purpose with the long range reading distance,it allows you to check check the shipped/received goods with documents directly at time of loading/unloading.With respect to readers,you can know the location of each identified objects without opening of packages.It reduce the time of inventory and reduce the labor cost.

With researching and  constant innovation for more then 10 years,UHF items from OPPIOT expanded from time to time according to market desires. 

Mini UHF metal tags,our technician work over the  technical difficulties in production for such small tags,It is perfect for small asset tracking,it could be embedded without detected.

And by  studying on materials,we now have UHF high temperature tags for sale,which withstand to 280 degree for 50 minutes for thousand circles,it is now very popular used for material tracking,such as tracking purpose for car production process.

ODM service is available.

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