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RFID Integrated into Industrial Production

2018-8-17 View:
"Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is nowadays an essential recourse to the good management of production in an industrial environment. Integrating RFID as an intelligent solution - for supply management of production stations and management of raw material flows and other resources required to maintain the production chain - can be strategic.

When the management of flows is kept in a tight state, the supply of production stations with primary resources becomes inevitable in order to prevent chain stoppages, so it is essential to maintain precise monitoring of the stocks present, particularly on the quantities consumed. Some more specific productions require a conditioned conditioning of the raw materials and a precise storage time in order to guarantee the quality of the finished product, it is therefore crucial that the production operators can have an overview and in real time on the batches of raw materials used to control compliance with the standards and rules in force.

On the operational side, whether in the supply of production stations or the management of raw material flows, the integration of PCB UHF Tags by OPP IOT is advantageous at two levels.

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