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Why RFID from OPP IOT?

2018-4-9 View:

The capacity to track products and goods, along with increasing transparency and globalization requires companies to optimize logistical processes on a lasting basis. However, simple identification systems such as barcodes are no longer sufficient to ensure seamless traceability along the entire supply chain. Today, more detailed information is required such as value added data and changes in object status. RFID technology makes it very simple to increase efficiency and automate processes.

OPP IOT offers a full suite of global RFID Readers, RFID Antennas, RFID Transponders and RFID Accessories.

OPP IOT have a professional engineer team to design UHF antenna, thus we can provide customers with professional UHF antenna solutions. That means the most suitable antenna solutions can be designed and provided by our experienced engineers to match all the mainstream chips around the world.

OPP IOT have professional testing equipment for the control of reliability and consistency of our RFID tags, each one of our RFID tags should pass the test of reliability and performance consistency before delivery.

For customized solutions, OPP IOT offers RF simulation, application support, consultation and design services.

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