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RFID Based Warehouse Management System

2021-6-7 View:

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been in existence for many years and now it is playing its important role in every fields. RFID, a type of Auto-ID technology is used to reduce time and labour to improve real time data accuracy.

RFID Based Warehouse Management System is an excellent real-time business tool that helps better manage supply chains, covers goods entry, picking, checking, delivery and many other operation flows & increases profit, and decreases the cost by improving visibility into Warehouse management system.

RFID Based Warehouse Management System will help to improve the efficiency of warehouse management, and make rapid self-recording of receiving and delivery.
RFID in warehouse processes offers:
visibility of accurate real-time information
fast locating of products
possibility to record losses
deliver right goods to right customers
know every movement of goods

Key Benefits of RFID in Warehouse Management:
1.Smoother running business environments—knowing the whole process
Reduced labour costs by reducing the workforce needed for tracking and warehouse management.
2.Reduction in order entry errors & improved employee productivity.
Improve stocking inventory levels and related warehouse space requirements.
3.Provide the information required to implement inventory system, instant access to the order database
4.Provide proof of condition for returns records, eliminating potential customer disputes.
5.Provide instant verification that the right item has been picked, and the item is instantly deducted from inventory.

RFID Based Warehouse Management System can collect, transfer, check, and update mass data on daily frequent goods entry and delivery, thus the labour intensity will be decreased, errors like fault scanning, miss scanning, re-scanning in the repeating manual operations can also be avoided. It improves the efficiency and accuracy. With development of the RFID technology, reduction of costs, gradual unification of the standards, decrease of the error rate, the effective combination of WMS and RFID will become one of the key factors to improve the competitive power of enterprises and the efficiency of the supply chain.

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