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Rfid hospital asset tracking

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The operating room in a hospital is one of the busiest and most important departments. Surgical instruments are the main tools of surgery. During the operation, effective supervision of surgical instruments is an important issue that the hospital needs to consider. rfid tags for tools makes the rapid multi-tag identification capability with RFID radio frequency identification technology can make the management of surgical instruments more intelligent. The specific implementation method: install 

RFID surgical instrument management special micro-small anti-metal tag on each surgical instrument,rfid tool tracking management performs rapid identification and effective supervision to reduce the occurrence of errors and improve management efficiency.

1.Before the operation, the disinfection supply department and the multiple procedures that need to go through the cleaning of surgical instruments are added with RFID automatic identification technology to conduct real-time supervision to monitor the real-time status of surgical instruments;

2.The rfid tool tracking management and verification of the packaging and distribution of surgical instruments, and the packaging and sorting of surgical instruments can use RFID to detect possible omissions in the packaging process;

3.Rfid equipment tracking management in the operating room. The management during the operation mainly includes pre-operative check, post-operative inventory, and doctor's confirmation. Each link needs to be accurately identified to prevent the leakage of surgical equipment from causing serious consequences in the patient's body;

4. Comprehensive information management, statistical query, report system.

Ensuring the correct disinfection of trays and washing baskets is also an important task for these departments. Improper disinfection of trays and cleaning baskets is usually considered a serious medical accident, and the hospital will bear a great legal risk. Proper disinfection of the tray can reduce the patient's risk of infection and reduce the risk of responsibility for the hospital's surgical team.

RFID hospital asset tracking can very well help hospitals in process management. By installing electronic tags for each device, it provides a real-time, accurate and automated electronic information recording method. RFID does not require the hospital to introduce a new process system. It can seamlessly connect to the hospital's existing system process and provide relevant document information for each link in the process. The entire system can also be automatically updated when the equipment is repaired or maintained.

After the hospital adopts rfid equipment tracking to comprehensively manage the surgical instruments, it is no longer necessary to manually count the trays and instruments, but only through the tag reader to read the instruments within a few seconds. These data can be used to analyze the blind spots in the management process And defects are also a powerful basis for quality improvement and certification.

The management of rfid equipment tracking leased equipment is also very troublesome. The hospital will rent some medical equipment and equipment that are not intended to be purchased temporarily. The hospital supply department also needs to clean and disinfect these equipment and identify them to ensure that they are well maintained and stored. Therefore, the use of RFID for these devices can also increase the utilization rate and improve management efficiency.

Preventing surgical infections is a concern of all medical institutions. The hospital supply department can indeed reduce and avoid infections through automated disinfection management processes, ensuring that all surgical instruments are strictly disinfected and dried, and are properly stored and used. RFID can realize the automated management of the entire disinfection process and optimize the leasing management procedures of equipment and equipment.

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