High Temperature and Acid Alkali Resistant Tag
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Industrial RFID tag OPP2626

2018-10-13 View:

OPP IOT develop a innovative industrial RFID tag OPP2626 designed to harsh environment,combine with small size 26x26mm to show the perfect potential that withstand Fuel B,mineral oil,petrolenm,salt mist,vegetable oil.

Especially in the environment of acid and alkali,easy to corrode,the ordinary tag can not work.Getting the right kind of RFID tags,with the special materials,coatings and adhesive is a critical for deploying tags in environments involving chemical exposure.So OPP IOT has targeted anti-acid and alkali tags solutions.OPP2626 withstand individual chemicals,but also the potential chemical combinations.Whether just a splash,or repeted exposures,or submersion,again and again.

Such as fuel industry and using RFID tags for instruments at medical facilities with chemical expose or tag apply to sea industry.

Specific environment,special requirements,OPP IOT provides customized services for you!

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