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OPP IOT Solution - Factory Inventory management

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The development of modern enterprises, factory inventory management is limited by the impact of manpower, cost, and quality of personnel. There are many problems in it
1. Traditional barcode scanning, intelligent one-to-one scanning of product management labels, low efficiency and prone to lack of scanning
2. This label is easily damaged and cannot be reused.
3. Security can not be promissed
In response to these problems, OPPIOT proposes a new solution - RFID UHF tag. The  advantages as follow:
1. Scanning tag in batches, it is not easy to eliminate the phenomenon of missing
2. The tag can be reused, durable and low cost.Various shapes, suitable for different shape types.
3. the tag RFID protocol,(EPC class1 Gen 2,ISO 18000-6C), the data not easy be change which can guarantee security.
OPPIOT Company is a maufacture of the RFID UHF metal tag , supply RFID solution and customized service. If you choose this company in IOT , you will be surpried by this company.

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