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Flexible rfid tags from OPP IOT

2021-7-13 View:

OPPIOT Technologies Co., Ltd. is one of the leading Industrial RFID tags manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have a full set of advanced equipment and an experienced technical R&D team. We possess the management skills of technology , production, quality and equipment and have good service capabilities.

Currently, one of our featured RFID tags is popular all over the world: Flexible RFID tags, which can be applied on metal, non metal and liquid bottle surface. We offer different range of frequency: EU 865-868MHZ, US902-928MHZ.

There are many sizes are available: FLE602460x24mm, FLE6025(60x25mm), FLE4508(45x8mm), FLE4518(45x18mm), FLE6006(60x6mm), FLE7018(70x18mm), FLE9842(98x42mm).

All those RFID tags offer mounting flexibility, which are durable, making them ideal for tracking many types of assets in indoor settings. Asset tracking in factories, hospitals, data centers and offices is easy and cost effective with the RFID tags. The flexible tags are flat and can be printed with barcode, numbers and logo on-demand using RFID enabled printers.

FLE6006 RFID tag has excellent performance both on metal and liquid surface.It is widely used on beverage industry, like well-known liquid bottles. FLE9842 tag has large size and works very well on metal and non metal objects. The tagsflexibility enables users to track critical equipment in challenging indoor environments.

Flexible RFID tags are delivered in a roll format, the quantity of per roll normally is standard by production, but can also be customized by customers actual requirements.

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