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Long Range RFID Tags from OPP IOT

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Choosing a long-range RFID tag normally depends on the solution you are working with. Do you need UHF tag that can be read at 2-3 meters or something active that can be read at more than 50 meters? Likewise, sometimes reading an asset at 50 meters or even 1500 meters may be necessary depending on environmental or access conditions to the item or asset that needs to be read.

If the project requests long range RFID tags that can be read over 30-1500 meters, the active tags will be a good option. But there are also shortcoming for active tags:
1.Active tags has to use battery to get charged. 
2.And the battery should replace very often that takes a lot of cost.
3.The life time is shorter than passive RFID tags

If the project requests long range RFID tags that can be read at 3-30 meters, passive RFID tags are more suitable. The advantage of passive tags as follow:
1.No need battery, but can read very long. It is a good option for warehouse management.
2.It is cheaper than active tags.
3.The life time is longer and can also be used outdoor.
OPP130 is a long reading range up to 30 meters passive RFID tag. It has a good performance on metal objects, can be mounted by screw or adhesive. The RFID chips can be chosen, Alien Higgs-3 and Alien Higgs-9 are available. The memory is also big, can meet programming and encoding requirements. 

Typical Applications for Long-Range RFID Tags:
Production Line Management
Remote Asset Tracking and Management
Parking Management and Vehicle Locating
Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS)
School Attendance & Payment Systems
High Value Item & Asset Tracking
Inventory Management of High Value Items
Pharmaceutical Delivery Management
Truck Tracking & Yard Access Control

Theft Prevention Applications

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