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What is MIFARE® 2GO?

2023-10-31 View:

MIFARE 2GO is a complete end-to-end solution that manages digitized MIFARE-based credentials onto mobile and wearable devices. It brings public transport into a new era, enhancing passenger experiences while making transit operations more efficient.

Less queuing at ticket machines and entry points leads to higher customer satisfaction, and easy access to real-time information makes it easier to plan trips, update friends, and avoid delays.

Crowds move faster because ticket validation is quick and easy, and passengers resolve issues in less time with app-driven services like personal assistance and easier refunds.

Reduced cash handling means fewer ticket windows to staff and fewer ticketing machines to maintain. Error reports and over-the-air updates make the system easier to debug and maintain, and the significant reduction in fraud, with easy detection of fake tickets, lowers costs, too.

MIFARE 2GO supports new business models, so transit agencies stay competitive, and provides additional sales channels with the potential for increased revenue and interactive content. Easy expansion lets transit agencies extend their services quickly.

MIFARE offers widest customer reach, so it can be used by everyone, including the unbanked. By leveraging the extensive infrastructure that already operates with MIFARE products, MIFARE 2GO will expand rapidly on a global scale.

Public transport operators retain full system end-to-end ownership, allowing them to stay in control of their needs when it comes to updating fare structures or policies.
In addition, MIFARE 2GO makes integration of third party services easy and straightforward.

Optimized for working with existing infrastructures, and designed to support all mobile and wearable platforms globally, MIFARE 2GO is an extension of NXP's latest MIFARE portfolio, which offers a unique combination of security and scalability.

- Complete end-to-end cloud solution
- Secure platform for digital credential issuance and risk management
- Supports NXP’s MIFARE® DESFire® and MIFARE Plus® in security layer 3
- Designed to work with existing infrastructures
- Supporting all NFC-enabled devices
- Helping operators to execute on their “Bring Your Own Device” strategy

- Automated Fare Collection
- Access Management
- Micropayments & Loyalty

By offering leading technology, deep expertise, and a comprehensive ecosystem for mobile transactions, NXP's mobile solutions offer everything needed to make the user experience more convenient and more connected. And that, in turn, will help rapidly expanding cities be more livable and more sustainable.
Mobile transactions based on NFC-enabled devices make public transport more attractive to consumers, increases engagement for those who value their mobile lifestyles, and demonstrates support for environmentally-friendly Smart City concepts.
As a key player in the global transit ecosystem, NXP identified the need for a scalable platform that can provision and manage MIFARE-based credentials on all NFC-enabled devices.
By leveraging the widespread use of MIFARE contactless technology, tomorrow’s travel experience will be managed on mobile phones that serve as navigators for a rich set of Smart City services.

- MIFARE 2GO is a back-end solution offering a digitized MIFARE-based credential issuance and risk management platform to transit agencies across the globe.
- NXP is leveraging its expertise and relationships with transit agencies and system integrators to integrate MIFARE 2GO into OEM wallets.
- MIFARE 2GO benefits transit agencies by significantly reducing cash handling, decreasing card lifecycle management and infrastructure costs, and offering time savings for passengers.
- MIFARE 2GO places public transit on a par with alternative, increasingly popular travel options, like ride sharing, which are already managed on mobile devices.

NXP’s MIFARE has been improving the way how people access city services since 1994. Now that MIFARE’s secure smart card technology is a digital credential, too, people can enjoy more convenient, more connected lifestyles, independent of location and time, by using their mobile phones or wearables to interact with city services.
NXP is #1 in transport ticketing globally, in large part because MIFARE solutions help city agencies develop efficient transportation systems that are more integrated, simpler to maintain, and easier to use. With more than 77% market share and an established infrastructure in 750+ cities worldwide, MIFARE serves 1.2 billion people daily, and continues to grow.

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