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MIFARE PLUS SE - Secure contactless smart card IC for seamless migration

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MIFARE Plus is the only mainstream smart card family compatible with MIFARE® Classic® 1K and MIFARE Classic 4K that offers preissuance of cards before making security upgrades in the infrastructure. After security upgrade to Security Level 3, MIFARE Plus uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for authentication, data integrity, and encryption.

MIFARE Plus SE is the entry-level version of NXP’s proven and reliable MIFARE Plus product family. Designed for full functional compatibility with MIFARE Classic 1K, it provides support for the MIFARE Classic value blocks.

MIFARE Plus SE is the choice for customers who want to switch to higher security while preparing for the future by introducing cards, ready for AES security, into the existing system environment.

MIFARE Plus SE cards are easy to distribute into running MIFARE Classic systems since it uses a linear memory structure compatible to MIFARE Classic, and because MIFARE Plus SE supports all MIFARE Classic value-block operations in the Security Levels SL1 and SL3. MIFARE Plus SE stores its 128-bit AES keys on top of the data blocks. The optional AES authentication in SL1 enables efficient detection of cards not belonging to the system.

- Entry-level version of the proven MIFARE Plus product family
- Simple fixed memory structure compatible with MIFARE Classic
- AES-128 for authenticity and integrity
- Freely configurable access conditions
- Optional support of random IDs
- Anti-tearing mechanism for writing AES keys
- Virtual card concept
- Number of single write operations: 200000 typical
- Fully supports MIFARE Classic value block operations
- NXP originality check
- Supports ISO/IEC 14443-3 UIDs (4-Byte NUID, 7-byte UID)
- Multisector authentication, Multiblock read and write
- Keys can be stored as MIFARE CRYPTO1 keys (2 x 48-bit per sector) and AES keys (2 x 128-bit per sector)
- Communication speed up to 848 kbit/s
- Data retention time: 10 years

- Smart City
- Access management
- Car parking
- Electronic toll collection
- Employee cards
- Loyalty
- Public transportation
- School and campus cards

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