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UHF RFID tag solutions offer faster data rates and longer read ranges making UHF RFID ideal for robust and high volume tracking. Commonly senstive to detuning from things like metals or water,OPP IOT offers UHF RFID optimized for metal. 

Global Standard
Passive UHF RFID is the only type of RFID regulated by a single global standard. The standard, EPC global UHF Gen 2 V1, or UHF Gen 2. is being revised to an updated version called UHF Gen 2 V2,or G2. The new standard builds on the original V1, but ensures that future RFID communications have more complex and powerful security options to protect data and prevent tag counterfeiting.OPP IOT RFID tags are ISO 18000-6C/EPC Class1 Gen6 with 902-928MHz(US),865-868MHz(EU) operation.

The UHF RFID tags shown below are FR4 and are suited able for applications where the product is metal or contains liquids Ultra High Frequency

Parts of OPP IOT UHF Tag Series:

Number IC type size(mm) Hole Weight
OPP1004 Alien Higgs-3 10x4mmxT2.0mm 2mmx1 0.5g
OPPD10 Alien Higgs-3 diameter 10mmxT3.0mm 2mmx1 0.5g
OPPD13 Alien Higgs-3 diameter13mmxT2.0mm 2mmx2 0.7g
OPPD16 Alien Higgs-3 diameter16mmxT3.0mm 2mmx2 1.3g

Number IC type size(mm) Hole Weight
OPP2510 Alien Higgs-3 25x10mmxT2.0mm 2mmx2 1.3g
OPP3310 Alien Higgs-3 33x10mmxT3.5mm 2mmx2 3.0g
OPP3613 Alien Higgs-3 36x13mmxT3.5mm 2mmx2 3.5g

Number IC type size(mm) Hole Weight
OPP5010 Alien Higgs-3 50x10mmxT1.0mm) 2mmx2 1.5g
OPP5213 Impinj Monza 4QT 52x13mmxT3.5mm 3mmx2 5.5g
OPP8008 Alien Higgs-3 80x8mmxT3.5mm 3mmx2 5.0g
OPP9020 Alien Higgs-3 90x20mmxT3.0mm 3mmx2 12.0g

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