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Cylinder Management - UHF metal tag

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The cylinders store steel bottles of high pressure oxygen, gas, petroleum liquefied gas, and the like. Safe storage and transportation of cylinders Gas cylinders are typically filled with permanent gases, liquefied gases or mixed gases. Gas cylinder bottle filling unit, gas cylinder inspection unit, gas cylinder use sheet (including factories, laboratories, hospitals, schools, CDCs, electronic rooms, clean rooms, industrial institutions, etc.), bottled gas and gas cylinder distribution units Gas cylinder management needs to be improved urgently, and the safety management of transportation and storage gas cylinders should be strengthened.
Relying on the management of cylinders by hand is obviously not suitable for the development of modern society. So we introduce RFID technology to replace the dependence on labor. Due to its special nature, the metal material is prone to collision during transportation. The cylinder itself has a long service life and a high temperature environment during operation. Ordinary RFID tags cannot meet their requirements. To this end, OPPIOT is market-oriented and offers special labels that are resistant to high temperatures, recyclable and fall resistant.
Using industrial grade high temperature resistant materials, the antenna is designed independently, using the Ailen-4 chip, size:42*15mm . The RFID tag OPP4215 was tested after two months of high temperature cycling. Considering the demand for different frequencies in the market, OPP IOT has introduced two kinds of frequency bands, American Standard (902-928MHZ) European Standard (865-868MHZ). Performance: 6 meters reading and writing distance on metal surface . That is to say, when the tag is mounted on the cylinder, the operator can track the cylinder at a distance of 6 meters in real time. Temperature resistance: The tagl is subjected to a half-year high temperature test, 250 degrees 2 hours, 280 degrees 50 minutes. The test results, Except the paint on the label surface off, the tag  is still strong in performance.
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