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What is Higgs-9 Chip?

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The Higgs-9 IC from Alien Technology is an EPC Class 1 Gen 2 RFID Tag IC that operates from 840 to 960 MHz. This chip has a read sensitivity of up to -22.5 dBm and a write sensitivity of up to -19 dBm. Incorporating the Higgs Sentinel™ Memory platform, it provides superior write accuracy, memory retention and read reliability under the most extreme conditions. The IC provides a base 96-bit EPC field and a 688-bit User Memory field which is relocatable to the EPC field for applications requiring an expanded EPC. The Higgs-9 IC is ideal for a dynamic memory structure, aviation, automotive and high sensitivity applications.

Sentinel™ Memory Detects and fixes single bit errors and flags dual bit errors. Safeguarded data and immunity to typical sources of single bit errors (chip damage, low power etc.)
Read sensitivity Up to -20 dBm* Allows smaller tags to be designed or larger read & write distances to be realized.
Write sensitivity Up to -18 dBm*
Best in class memory reliability 200,000 write cycles Robust memory retention (twice that of competition
96 bit expandable EPC Supports EPC size up to 496b for flexibility Additional 400 bits allows storing of larger identifying information.
688 bit user memory User memory for storage of additional application data. For applications requiring data beyond EPC (asset data, service history, usage info etc.)
48b UTID with lower 38b unique serial for SGTIN generation 48b UTID. Lower 38b are duplicated in the EPC for SGTIN generation. For retail and general serialzation
Larger “pads” for improved antenna connectivity More contact area for antenna connectivity Increased and more consistent yield inlay to inlay

› Compliant to GS1 Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO/IEC 18000-6C
› Worldwide operation in the RFID UHF bands (840-960 MHz)
› 1024-Bits of NVM/RAM Memory
• Up to 496-EPC Bits (nominally 96 bits)
• Up to 688 User Bits
• 48 Bit Unique TID
• 32 Bit Access and 32 bit Kill Passwords
› Pre-Programmed with a unique, unalterable 48-bit serial number
› User Memory can be Block PermaLocked as well as read password protected in 256 bit Blocks
› Low power operation for both read and program
› QuickWrite™ / BlastWrite™- High-speed chip & mass programming
› Dynamic Authentication™ anti-cloning / anti-counterfeit technology
› Exceptional operating range, up to 13m with appropriate antenna.

Product Overview:
Featuring pioneering Sentinel MemoryTM bit error correction, world class sensitivity, expandable EPC memory and expansive User Memory, Higgs 9 offers cutting edge performance and data storage capability suitable for today's ever evolving and demanding application base. Ideal for the high memory requirements of Aviation part tagging / tracking and any application requiring data storage at tag and asset level. In addtion, applications requring asset data and/or longer serialization in the EPC memory area may utilize Higgs 9's configurable EPC memory. Up to 496 bits (124 Hexadecimal characters) may be written to the EPC memory area. This allows increased flexibility to store data such as extended serial numbers, product SKU #, service hours, dates, history etc. Like all Alien ICs, Higgs 9 is fully backward compatible with the entire Alien IC and Reader porfolio feature-set. Alien's mass-encoding capabilities (QuickWrite™ and BlastWrite™) and Aliens anti- cloning technology (Dynamic Authentication™) are supported. 

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