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What is Higgs-4 Chip?

2023-10-4 View:

Higgs-4 is a highly integrated single chip EPC global Class 1 Gen 2 UHF RFID Tag IC that further enhances Higgs-family performance while being optimized for the highest volume applications to aid
the mass-market adoption of RFID technology.

• Retail Item Level Tagging
• Supply Chain Management
• Vehicle Tracking
• Product Authentication
• Asset Inventory and Tracking
• Baggage Handling and Tracking

Further Increases Alien’s Industry Leading Read Sensitivity Industry leading tag performance especially in challenging RF environments. Saves money: Reduces the number of read points and/or minimizes tag size.
Enhanced Write Sensitivity Cutting edge write sensitivity Increased write performance, writing multiple words in a single command and writing to multiple-tags simultaneously, massively decreases the cost and time associated with programming millions of tags. Proven at 3,600 tags/minute (measured performance).
QuickWrite™ The ability to write a complete bank of memory with one command.
BlastWrite™ An IC mass-encoding capability. Takes a single write-cycle to encode multiple tags.
Optimized Memory Footprint for Volume Applications Flexible memory architecture that provides for the optimum allocation of EPC and User memory. Provides an optimal memory system for volume applications while addressing the needs of enterprise-wide serialization. Serial number is pre-encoded into the tag so there is no need to create or manage this.
Pre-Encoded Multi-vendor Chip based Serialization (MCS Compliant) Optional (may be over written by vendors preferred scheme) pre-encoded chip serialization compliant to MCS.

› Designed to meet EPCglobal Gen2 (V1.2.0) and ISO/IEC 18000-6C
› Worldwide operation in the RFID UHF bands (840-960 MHz)
› 448-Bits of NVM/RAM Memory
• Up to 128-EPC Bits (nominally 96 bits)
• 128 User Bits
• 64 Bit Unique TID
• 32 Bit Access and 32 bit Kill Passwords
› Pre-Programmed with a unique, unalterable 64-bit serial number
› User Memory can be Block PermaLocked as well as read password protected in 32 Bit Blocks
› Low power operation for both read and program
› QuickWrite™ / BlastWrite™- High speed chip & mass programming
› Dynamic Authentication™ - anti-cloning/anti-counterfeit technology
› Exceptional operating rang

Product Overview:
Higgs-4 operates at extremely low power levels yet still provides sufficient backscatter signal to read tags at extended range. It can also be programmed at low RF power and at high speed using Alien’s QuickWrite™ single instruction bank-write capability. BlastWrite™ can also be used to program multiple tags simultaneously for mass-encoding in high-volume retail applications. Higgs-4 also fully supports the latest industry standard serialization schemes.

Higgs-4 offers a mass-market optimized but flexible memory architecture that provides for the optimum allocation of EPC and User memory for different use cases such as legacy part numbering systems and service history. User memory can also be read and or write locked on 32-bit boundaries, supporting a variety of public/private usage models.

Higgs-4 contains a number of unique advanced features. Dynamic Authentication™ provides a unique non-reproducible fingerprint that can be used for anti-cloning and anti-counterfeiting.

The IC also features factory programmed 64-bit serial number that cannot be altered. In conjunction with the EPC code, this provides a unique identification for the tagged item.

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