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Passive small size series UHF metal Tags

2017-9-29 View:

Passive small size series UHF metal Tags can be attached to or embedded in metal assets and offer excellent read performance in very small packages.

For small assets such as tools, laboratory devices and IT assets with little real estate available for tags, OPP IOT offers a line of UHF Metal Tags. Available in four sizes at present- one
rectangular formats and three circle - these tags are suitable for both attaching to metal surfaces or embedding in a metal asset. Metal tags are very durable and will withstand
sterilization processes up to 150 degrees Celsius.Each tag is tuned for operation in the US 902-928MHz, EU 865-868MHz frequency band and utilizes the Impinj Monza 4 IC. The largest of the four tags at diameter16mmxT3.0mm,OPPD16 offers typical read distances of 260cm. The two smaller tags, OPP1004 at 10x4mmxT2.0mm and OPPD10 at diameter 10mmxT3.0mm, each offer typical read distances of 75cm - 150cm and are ideal for check -in/check-out applications.

Passive atom series UHF metal Tags Features & Benefits:
• Very small footprint tags offer RFID capability when space is a premium
• Designed for mounting on metal surfaces or embedding in metal assets
• Up to 150 degrees Celsius
• Excellent read range in a small footprint

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