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How does the RFID for warehouse management work?

2021-4-9 View:

Each group of goods is affixed to the box or pallet, and the specific information such as the name, specification and storage location of the goods are written in the tag; the detailed information of the delivery party can also be written when the goods enter and exit the warehouse. Set up with various distribution channels to automatically identify and detect the flow of goods. (In the entire link of the supply chain, including procurement, storage, manufacturing, packaging, loading and unloading, transportation, circulation processing, distribution, sales and service, each business link and process, electronic labels can bear the role of the most basic information carrier.

Due to the characteristics of long-distance reading and writing, multi-tag reading and high mobile reading and writing,if applied automated inventory management with equipment tracking tags/rfid location tracking. the system will automatically identify and record the goods in and out of the warehouse through the RFID reading and writing equipment installed at the gate when the goods are in and out of the warehouse; The storage rfid location tracking management function can help you grasp the location of all inventory materials in time. Automated data collection of data in each operation link of other warehouses, such as arrival inspection, warehousing, outbound, allocation, shifting of warehouses, inventory counting, etc., to ensure the speed and accuracy of data collection in all aspects of RFID for warehouse management, and ensure that enterprises are timely Accurately grasp the real data of the inventory.

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