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The use of rfid hospital asset tracking plays an important role in the identification and management of clothing and bed sheets

2021-4-13 View:

Asset tracking tags is used to realize the efficient management of fast collection, sorting, automatic inventory, and collection in the laundry industry, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces error rates. RFID asset tracking tags management through the installation of RFID electronic tags, the use of RFID countertop, handheld, fixed readers and other intelligent management modes that automatically identify each management process, so that clothing and bed sheets can be better managed. Through the waterproof RFID electronic tags, the unified recycling, logistics and acceptance are accurately completed, which greatly improves the unified management efficiency.

Rfid apparel tags is sewn on each piece of clothing and bed sheets.The  rfid apparel tags has a globally unique identification code, that is, each piece of rfid apparel tags  will have a unique management identification until the TAG is scrapped . In the entire linen use and washing management, the use status and washing times of the TAG are automatically recorded through the RFID reader. It supports batch reading of labels during washing handover, making the handover of washing tasks simple and transparent, and reducing business disputes. At the same time, rfid location tracking enables the tracking of  number of washes, it can estimate the service life of the current linen for users and provide forecast data for the purchase plan.

The flexible Rfid apparel tags water wash label has the durability of autoclaving, is small, strong, chemical resistant, washable and dry cleanable, and can be cleaned at high temperatures. Sewing it on clothes can assist in automatic identification and collection of information. It is widely used in rfid hospital asset tracking management, uniform rental management, clothing storage and exit management and other fields to reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency. It is suitable for strict use in hospitals, factories, etc. The required environment.

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