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The performance of RFID in the Automotive

2021-4-25 View:

With the rapid increase of automotive product models, product configurations are becoming more and more complex. In order to improve the management level of the production line through informational means under the JIT production mode, the automotive production line needs to introduce RFID technology, which is specifically manifested in the following aspects: 

(1) The need for real-time management of the production line: RFID, as an advanced data collection and identification technology, can provide the manufacturing execution system with timely data information about the production line, help the management make corresponding plan adjustments and production arrangements in time, and improve the production line The ability to execute the plan. 

(2) The need for flexible management of the production line: The use of RFID technology to locate the location of special vehicles on the production line at any time, and to understand the assembly status and completion progress of the vehicle, can effectively prevent assembly errors and speed up the management's response to abnormal events. 

(3) The need for production line assembly standardization: Standardized operation is one of the specific requirements of the JIT management model. The use of OPPIOT RFID technology can realize the visualization of the production and assembly process, so as to ensure that the operators perform standardized operations and improve the qualification of the finished automobile. rate. 

(4) The need for dynamic distribution of production line materials: The use of OPPIOT RFlD technology can easily collect real-time consumption information of materials on the production line, and the parts supplier can realize timely and accurate material preparation and feeding according to the progress of on-site material consumption. It can guarantee the supply of the production line and avoid the accumulation of products in the production line.

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