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The benefits of RFID in punching workshop

2021-4-29 View:

Through the use of RFID fast scanning, barrier-free reading, etc., data can be collected and processed quickly and accurately, and management can be standardized and efficient. The RFID system of the punching workshop can record the warehousing and exit of product parts in real time, check punching parts inventory, and realize timely supply when supplying parts for other workshops, reducing unnecessary inventory waste; monitoring from the processing of blank sheets to the delivery of finished parts Store the entire punching production link. Through long-term statistics of qualified parts, repaired parts, and scrapped parts, the cost of a single part can be calculated more accurately. Through data analysis, find out the places that affect efficiency and waste in each link of production, provide data support for more reasonable and efficient use of the stamping production line, and make the cost of the stamping manufacturing link of the enterprise more transparent.

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